Irit Ashkenazy founded the CoolyCo store in Basel St Tel Aviv in 1996 

Welcome to the colorful and uniquely designed universe of Coolyco.
Coolyco‘s design and couture studio is dedicated to providing a unique style to babies’ and children’s surroundings. Coolyco is a traditional brand existing since 1996.
Irit Ashkenazy, an expert designer, and stylist, who has a design focused on babies and children, is the soul behind the brand. With a team of specialists, she creates a universe that includes exclusive and innovative couture designs.
Coolyco‘s designs are the result of an imaginative and creative process that relies on an in-depth understanding of the needs of both parents and children. In addition, they are made to the highest standards. Therefore, Coolyco‘s style is recognized in each piece.
The designs bring to life European style with meticulously executed work. Every piece is authentic, hand-made, and unique in its style and standards. The collection’s outstanding colors, prints, patterns, and soft fabrics of superior quality allow parents to mix and match, and to create a peaceful surrounding for their babies and children.

A Design made with love
Each one of Coolyco‘s pieces is made with love and emphasizes the uniqueness of every child. Coolyco has a couture collection, consisting of one of a kind and made to measure pieces, in a process that involves the parents. This line permits a custom-made design with the personal name of the child. Coolyco is focused towards its little customers and is willing to fulfill every wish they (or their parents) have. With a playful palette and the versatility of mix and match patterns and textures, Coolyco allows parents endless possibilities to put together calm and peaceful surroundings for their children in the first years of their life.

Coolyco keeps expanding and innovating. Every category, from baby products, nursery bedding to décor, accessories and toys, is designed and created by a dedicated team of specialists. Coolyco creates pieces that accompany every moment of children’s life, while remaining enjoyable for both child and parent alike.
Some of our most popular designs:
Park mattress
Activity mattress
Personal towel with a hat
custom made baby and child blankets
– “Tavitoosh“- the uniquely designed toy made from labels
Coolytogo” is the new internet boutique that provides our customers, from all over the world, the opportunity to give themselves or their dear one a personal, original and caring gift in one click.
A variety of our ready-made pieces will be sent to you, no matter where you are, with an original and artistic Coolyco giftwrap and a card.


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